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I did not know if you had problems with the your TV signal last night while watching the semi-final match between Germany, my favorite team with Turkey, a phenomenon of the Euro 2008. I could not even know who scored the second goals for both as this interruption. How about you?

Anyway, the final result was quite positive when I knew that my favorite got the victory last night and they would be the first team participating in the final match.

Which team will play with Germany in the final match? Russia or Spain? Frankly, I like Russia rather than Spain. Many of my friends thought that Spain could easily defeat Russia as they had done in the group round (4-1) but no one could guarantee after amazing performance between them and Sweden last week.

Let’s see whether I am right or you are right?


Euro 2008 has created a lot of surprises and the big team like France or Italy even Netherlands which has been considered the number one for the champion, were knocked out by small teams like Turky, Russia. I am happy as two teams that I voted for are now still in the semi-final rounds and my favorite team, Germany will definitely have advantages tonight as many of key players of Turkey could not play in this match.

Many of specialists and fans hope and think that Germany will defeat Turkey tonight to get the first ticket for the final match of the Euro 2008 but football is still the football. It always create surprises that make it a king game.

I am now concerned about who would be the best player for this match and I am sure that he will be a German, not a Turkish? Do you think so?  Can he be Ballack or Philip Lams?

We will wait and see 🙂


This is a special football match between Austria – Germany, not by professional players like Ballack but by a sexy girls. They call this match a Sexy Soccer 2008:

Sexy Soccer 2008 – this match happened one day prior to the official match between Austria and Germany.
Sexy girls participating in the match not wearing clothes and decorated by colors instead.
Each team has 5 players.
A lot of fans, most of them are men come to watch this match at the bank of Danube River.
One Austrian player congratulated the German team. Guess who?.

Why I decided to post this match pics here? Just to tell you that football bring all people the world over together and no distance in football!!!!

PlaymobilCan you imagine that how was I feeling last night after an unbelievable football match between Portugal and Germany. One is my favorite team and the rest is the good candidate for the champion after two amazing matches with Croatia and Poland.

German team was itself in this match and they knew how to limit the striker Ronaldo 7. Now, many of fans predicted that Germany would be the best option for the champion. Further, I won $1,000 bet with my friends as they put their cash for Portugal. Thanks God!

What do you think? Are you a fan of my favorite team? If yes, do you mind to give them a vote for the champion?

You will never know how happy I was when I watched the final match in the group between Germany and the co-host Austria. However, I did not agree with the way that German team applied in this match but anyway they got an important victory.

You know what? I have just decided to fly to Austria this week to see the next match that my favorite team will play. It is right decision, isn’t it? I know it is very hard regardless of how much I will spend for this unplanned trip to Austria especially this time. Things must be expensive and very hard to make a last minute accommodation – I mean a hotel that is relatively close to the stadium the German team will play the next match.

Two things that I need to do right now is hotels as I said and the ticket too. I know not many airlines can offer cheap flights to Austria this time but I will try as many as I can to make sure that I can see my favorite team especially Michael Ballack in person once in my life.

If you are good at these things, please tell me what should I do now and how as soon as possible. I will do it myself but things will be much better with your assistance. Thanks in advance.

I will keep you updated about my flight and share pictures I will take if it happens. Hope nothing bad happens during the time 🙂

Tired and sleepy after 45 minutes watching the football match between Austria and Poland. They are not my favorite teams but I would like to see how the host performs as my favorite team will play with them in the last one.

Normally, I drink coffee after each half of every football match but today I feel very sleepy and tired of making coffee or even tea. However, I got an SMS message from my friends saying that “can we play pokerstars online together?” as he also feels sleepy. It is a great idea as 15 mins is so quick and we nearly forget the second half while playing game 🙂

I do not know it is a great idea for you guys too but you can try different games if you have fee time especially this summer while the Euro 2008 is happening and every night we have to sleep late to follow our favorite teams and vote for our beloved players.

German fans at the FIFA Worldcup 2006 in Germany, at the public viewing of the Germany - Ecuador match at the Ruhrstadion Bochum.I felt sad last night and the sadness still stayed with me until I wrote this entry as my favorite team, Germany – a potential candidate for the Euro 2008 could not win a weaker team.

Frankly, it is fair that Croatian players did play very well last night and they deserved to get a victory while a lot of famous German team players such as Ballack could not perform well as he did in the previous match with Poland.

Anyway, football is always bring surprise to us and that is why it is considered the king sport and the stronger is not always the one who get the victory.