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An Oppressive Atmosphere in the Match last Night

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 25, 2008

I did not know if you had problems with the your TV signal last night while watching the semi-final match between Germany, my favorite team with Turkey, a phenomenon of the Euro 2008. I could not even know who scored the second goals for both as this interruption. How about you?

Anyway, the final result was quite positive when I knew that my favorite got the victory last night and they would be the first team participating in the final match.

Which team will play with Germany in the final match? Russia or Spain? Frankly, I like Russia rather than Spain. Many of my friends thought that Spain could easily defeat Russia as they had done in the group round (4-1) but no one could guarantee after amazing performance between them and Sweden last week.

Let’s see whether I am right or you are right?


1 Response to "An Oppressive Atmosphere in the Match last Night"

Germany deserve to have victory but Turkey played very well in deed. T

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