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Who Will and Will NOT Benefit from Chitika Recent Changes

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 20, 2008

Chitika in 2003

As you all knew that Chitika has just made a huge changes in its affiliate network and a major decrease in its publishers’ revenue has also been reported. This changes was made due to a tough economic condition and US recession this time and many big advertisers now are not willing to pay for all clicks and a demanding percentage of clicks must be converted into sales to be eligible to get PAID.

This late change is quite natural in this challenging condition while other affiliate network of the same type had applied this quite long time ago like ShoppingAds, WidgetBucks or Amazon..etc. Now, the only affiliate network that still apply pay per click is TTZmedia and ShopZilla but ShopZilla is better as TTZmedia ads will only be displayed in specific English-speaking users/countries.

Here are two key notice posted on the Chitika blog that you must know to have suitable changes in your strategies if you would still like to generate more revenue from this industry.

Who Will Benefit From these changes ?

1. Publishers with good search engine traffic: The Chitika | Premium unit is working out great for our publishers with good search engine traffic. Such publishers are benefitting from targeted CPC text ads in a competitive marketplace. And on the advertiser side, this creates good conversion rates. This matching of publisher to advertiser is creating a nice health marketplace for all parties involved.

2. Publishers with very high traffic — but who were not getting clicks in the old system. These publishers are now seeing their yields optimized by the chitika system intelligently switching between premium ads and graphic ads.

3. Publishers with good content/brand name sites: These publishers will really benefit from the new tools like AdPro that Chitika is starting to roll out.

Who Will NOT Benefit From these changes ?

Any publisher who does not get significant traffic from search engines. For such publishers, we have made available two options:
a. If you have a high conversion rate (meaning that your clicks convert into sales for the advertisers) you will be successful with the CPA ads.

b. If you have a high amount of traffic (whether it converts or not) you can benefit from our CPM Graphic Ads program.

Good luck and hope to here you comments on this soon.


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