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Finally, My Favorite Team Got The Second Ticket to the Next Round!

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 18, 2008

You will never know how happy I was when I watched the final match in the group between Germany and the co-host Austria. However, I did not agree with the way that German team applied in this match but anyway they got an important victory.

You know what? I have just decided to fly to Austria this week to see the next match that my favorite team will play. It is right decision, isn’t it? I know it is very hard regardless of how much I will spend for this unplanned trip to Austria especially this time. Things must be expensive and very hard to make a last minute accommodation – I mean a hotel that is relatively close to the stadium the German team will play the next match.

Two things that I need to do right now is hotels as I said and the ticket too. I know not many airlines can offer cheap flights to Austria this time but I will try as many as I can to make sure that I can see my favorite team especially Michael Ballack in person once in my life.

If you are good at these things, please tell me what should I do now and how as soon as possible. I will do it myself but things will be much better with your assistance. Thanks in advance.

I will keep you updated about my flight and share pictures I will take if it happens. Hope nothing bad happens during the time 🙂


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