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What should you do when your photocopier runs out of toner cartridges?

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 15, 2008

It is an easy question but not many of you can answer as we will never know if your office’s photocopier suddenly turns off and not working while you are hurried to use it.

I have already experienced this issue several times and I did not know why and how as my office’s copier was too old and there was no alert system whenever it had problems or even when it ran out of toner cartridges. Technology could only be helpful if you knew its operation mechanism.

What should you do to minimize the issues with your photocopier? It is easy as you can check it on your own computer. If you see an red icon on the right bottom of your taskbar, click on it and see the details. That alert can tell you that your photocopier has some issues with its paper, toner cartridges or jam etc. Follow the proposed guidelines to fix it or ask your IT to help instead.

Good luck and happy copying!


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