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$4.00 Payout with Windows Live Toolbar

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 15, 2008

Microsoft Affiliate Network (MSA) is boosting its marketing strategies by increasing its commission rate from $0.5 for each USA-based download and installation of the Windows Live Toolbar to $4.00. It is a great improvement and this is only effective from now through June 30, 2008. Be quick to generate your revenue with this program as you have only 2 weeks left!

If you are already promoting the Toolbar offer, you are all set to start earning the $4.00 payout. If you are not yet participating, simply log into your MSAN affiliate account at, accept the terms of the offer and you are off!

In the previous post, I also told you guys about the MSA increase for Windows Live OneCare and now 2 of 3 products offered by Microsoft Affiliate Network has such a high commission rate. Good luck to you all and happy earning 🙂

Download Windows Live Toolbar now.


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