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Refresh Your Mind During the Football Match Interval

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 13, 2008

Tired and sleepy after 45 minutes watching the football match between Austria and Poland. They are not my favorite teams but I would like to see how the host performs as my favorite team will play with them in the last one.

Normally, I drink coffee after each half of every football match but today I feel very sleepy and tired of making coffee or even tea. However, I got an SMS message from my friends saying that “can we play pokerstars online together?” as he also feels sleepy. It is a great idea as 15 mins is so quick and we nearly forget the second half while playing game 🙂

I do not know it is a great idea for you guys too but you can try different games if you have fee time especially this summer while the Euro 2008 is happening and every night we have to sleep late to follow our favorite teams and vote for our beloved players.


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