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Chitika Evolves with changes in the New Marketplace

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 13, 2008

It’s not all about CPC’s anymore – different types of clicks are attracting different types of revenue. Advertisers are willing to pay on a CPC-basis for clicks from search traffic, and on a CPA basis for clicks from non-search traffic.

We at Chitika responded with changes to our advertising program to better match up the right clicks with the right type of revenue in today’s marketplace. In particular, there were 3 major changes that lead to exciting new opportunities:

1. A larger, diverse set of advertisers spanning all topics and categories

2. The next generation of eMiniMalls – Chitika|Premium – not just restricted to product offers anymore

3. A new behavioral targeting platform, to track and match different types of click traffic (i.e. – search and non-search traffic) with the right offers (i.e. – CPC, CPA and CPM offers).

Change is the only constant factor at Chitika. We will always barge ahead and evolve with the changes in the marketplace to open up the best possible opportunities for our publishers. Let it rip.


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