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Land Rover and its 60 Years On

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 12, 2008

I heard that Land Rover has just celebrated its 60 years since its original Land Rover model was shown in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 30, 1948. It is a long story of development and today, Land Rover has affirmed its strong stand in the marketplace with a record of more than 220,000 sales in 2007 the world over.

The modern and latest model of the Land Rover is Freelander which has improved almost problems ad issues it had before while still keeping its styling themes in the eyes of users.

If you are regularly traveling to countryside especially project sites in the remote & mountain areas, the Freelander 2 is the best option. It is equipped with advanced technologies that help drivers more flexible in different conditions. The Terrain Response system will allow drivers to have right settings for curtain geographical locations.

One of my friends who is now working in Leeds United reported that his Land Rover has helped him very much as his rented house is located in the hill where many other cars can not reach in such an altitude of more than 100 meters high. Further, he could not afford to buy a luxurious car model.

He said that the Land Rover is a fuel-saving model that helped him reduce gas budget every month especially during the high time of global economic recession nowadays.


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