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Help the Disabled Poor Watch Euro 2008 with Satellite TV

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 7, 2008

If you are a fan of the king sport game – Football, this time is very important as Euro 2008 will start tonight in Switzerland and Austria. Which team is your favorite one? What player will be the best at the end of the game? Don’t miss the chance to vote for our beloved players even you are traveling or on business trip, you can still make your vote through internet or Direct TV on your laptop.

I am now in Thailand for two week business trip to a remote area where we have a project for the disabled poor. However, these disabled poor are good fans of this king game. But, not many of them have opportunity to watch this Euro 2008 even through DirectTV or results news.

In response to their request that the disabled poor can watch all football matches of the Euro 2008 through Satellite TV as cable TV is not available in this area. We have just decided to buy a new Satellite TV and set it up in the meeting room of my field office and everyone can come and watch for FREE.

Thanks my friends for their kind donations that help me make the disabled poor dream become true!!!


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