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Australia and Japan officially joins Adsense for Video

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 5, 2008

Great news to all publishers located in Australia and Japan, two big countries in the Asia and Pacific region finally receive favor of Google. Their earning especially who is running video network must be increased dramatically. Further, YouTube users will now generate their revenue from uploading videos to this network too.

I hope that more countries will be added to the white list for Video Adsense. Congrats to all!

Following the success of video units in a number of international locations, we’re excited to announce the launch of video units for English-language websites in Australia. In addition, video units are now available to publishers who are located in Japan or who have Japanese-language websites. If you’re not already familiar, video units are embedded, customizable video players which both enrich sites with relevant video content and enable publishers to earn extra revenue. Relevant and non-intrusive companion and text ads accompany the video content.

With this new launch, you can show videos from our YouTube content partners on your site. You can choose those videos by category, choose individual YouTube partners, or have video units automatically target your site with relevant video. You can also choose the individual videos to be displayed in your video units. Finally, if you have video content of your own, you may even be able to sign up as a YouTube partner to have your content distributed to other AdSense publishers’ video units.

To set up video units on your site, log in to your AdSense account and visit your AdSense Setup tab; if you have a site in one of our supported countries and languages, you’ll see the option to set up video units. For more information about video units, please feel free to re-visit our original launch post and our discussion of some of your most frequently asked questions. In addition, you might find the information in our Help Center useful. Finally, we’d like to note that we’re working on expanding video units to additional countries, but we’re not able to provide a timeline for when that may occur.

Good luck to you all!


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