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Turn Your Motorcycle into A Mobile Entertainment Center

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 4, 2008

In all developing countries or underdeveloped ones especially in the countryside, motorcycle is the most popular vehicle nowadays. Further, we can decorate it as an entertainment center with small motorcycle headphones.

I myself take motorcycle to the office every morning as it is not only my favorite tool to do morning exercise but also a good way to avoid traffic jams at the rush hour. Why? I can go into a small path to the office while listening to my favorite music through my small motorcycle headphones, one souvenir from my wife on the 5th wedding anniversary last year. Is it romantic?

You can do more with your motorcycle to make it your own mobile professional entertainment center. Motorcycle headphones is the first thing you need but important. However, you can buy a small iPod or cassette player to stick to your motorbike and use some materials to decorate it.

Not too much money invested. You can do it with your own budget, much cheaper than paying for a single ticket to a live show of Britney Spears!


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