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Can Your Home be A Private Resort?

Posted on: Tháng Sáu 3, 2008

It is a funny sentence and no one knows it is right or wrong but I can tell you how to make it true within your small budget.

As the summer time is quickly approaching and I am sure that you are all planning for your vacations somewhere in the world. The question is when and where to go or how can you make your trips affordable and economical? I myself also set priority for my August vacation in the Sun Rise Report, a beautiful place for family but a bit luxurious if you are not a billionaire like Bill Gates of Microsoft. Can you make your vacation at home with a small budget?

Just to share a small experiences that I have tested last year in the Christmas holiday in New York city and my family felt very happy. All hotels and places were fully booked that time and we could not make any reservations for 3 days. But, what did I do to fulfill our holiday but still enjoying the Christmas like in Hawaii?

It is easy indeed. The first thing you should do is to decorate your home to make it totally new in the eyes of your family members and yourself too. You do not need to break down the house and build up a new one as time is limited and your budget is not enough and not a good idea to do so in a short time. But, what can make your house different from it is? It is the light system or fans, pictures and paintings too. You can go out to a shopping center nearby and get some of them like casablanca fans to make up your ceiling, some other pictures of Leonard De Vinci ….etc. These things can make your house a different face in your family eyes.

My mom and my wife especially my son felt very happy with this idea and they were all involved in the process of making our home a private resort. Hope you can too.


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