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Microsoft Affiliate Network increases commission rate

Posted on: Tháng Năm 25, 2008

Just to tell you all that Microsoft Affiliate Network has just announced that the commission rate for Windows Live OneCare up to $3.00 and Windows Live Toolbar up to $1.00 for all download and install from USA and Canadian users. This is a great increase but quite hard as only USA and Canadian users are recorded.

Here are the details and hope you will boost your revenue with this change.

Windows Live OneCare $3.00

Most of you know about the fabulous OneCare $3.00 payout per trial download—but have you checked out the newest marketing materials? There are some great banner and text ads of various sizes to update your promotions! We have even added some longer copy to support those affiliates that have blogs or review sites. Check it all out by logging into the Affiliate Account Center.

Windows Live Toolbar $1.00

Please be sure that your links are up-to-date (as of March 08). I still see many of you with the old landing page URL, which will not track your activity correctly! Plus, we are revising this new landing page to optimize your conversion rates, so stay tuned! Simply log into the Affiliate Account Center to ensure you have all of the correct links placed.

Many of you have asked about more detailed information on the Toolbar product to better promote it to your customers. Check out for details on the cool features and customizations that set the Windows Live Toolbar apart from the competition!

General Updates

  • Commission: We will run May commissions on June 1, so be sure to turn in your W8 or W9 before the end of the month to receive payment. We must have this on file prior to the 1st for you to be eligible for payout this month.
  • Communication: We are striving to increase the communication effectiveness within the MSAN. This newsletter is the first version of the weekly newsletters that will come your way—but we are working to create a slicker email template and enhance the MSAN website,, to become more news oriented. So get ready for changes to begin this summer!
  • MSAN Affiliate Survey Part II: Thanks to all of you who participated in the first MSAN Affiliate Survey in March. Not only did we have a great response rate, many of your suggestions are helping us to enhance the program. Did you miss your chance to comment? Now you have another shot—check out our latest survey where we are looking for more information about YOU! This data will help us optimize our offers for you and your customers.

Thanks for reading my blog!


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