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Kontera now accepts PayPal

Posted on: Tháng Năm 25, 2008

Moving on…

It’s all right to change your mind. The fact that you’ve been receiving your Kontera cash through one payment method up to now, doesn’t mean it can’t change.
Kontera offers publishers several payment methods. Since we receive many questions regarding PayPal, or more specifically, how to switch to PayPal, I thought it would be a good idea to specify it here on our blog.

Switching to PayPal is a simple task to undertake:

Login to Kontera’s Publisher Center and select the “My Account” tab.
Follow the “Payment Method” link. Now click on the dropdown menu and select “PayPal”. Then type in your Paypal account name.

Kontera’s Publisher Center
Here is a point to remember: Your PayPal Address and your Kontera account user name have to correspond. In the event that they are not the same, you’ll need to change your account email address. Go to the “Account Info” link and change your email address.
The next time you log in to the Publisher Center, recall that your login name has changed.

Kontera Publisher Center

Any change you make to your account information, tax information and or selected payment method will be immediately updated in our system.


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