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4 Simple Steps to Add Kontera Ads to your Blog

Posted on: Tháng Tư 16, 2008

If you are using blog and would like to monetize your blog with Kontera ContentLink especially customized templates, it is not very easy to add Kontera ad code/tag in a messy html page. Many of you have expressed this issue to me and here are the 4 simple ways to make Kontera tags active.

These one-time steps will help distribute Kontera ContentLink ads to all pages of your blog:

1. From the dashboard page click on “layout”

2. Click on “Add a page Element” (Ad gadget if you are using Blogger In Draft):


3. Click on HTML/JS – Add to blog button


4. Insert Kontera’s tag (you can choose what color you like in your Kontera control panel)


That is all steps you need to do, much easier than installing a plugin in WordPress 2.5? Hope this can help you!


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