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EntreCard Upgrade, most of bloggers are out of the wheel!

Posted on: Tháng Tư 13, 2008

Just a quick summary of various updates on the site that you should know.



A standard color-code for widgets is starting at the new browser, and will be across the entire site soon. These colors help make quick visual choices about a card:

  • Gold = Featured card (Purchasable from the shop under ‘upgrades’)
  • Rose = Favorite card, you’ve marked it as a favorite
  • Green = Dropped, you’ve dropped on this card today
  • Blue = Ad purchased, you have an ad currently waiting on this site.

Browser sidebar!

The browser sidebar gives rapid access to vital information about the card you’re hovering over on the browser, including their basic site description, URL, cost, popularity, and now their most recent posts (up to 5) pulled from the RSS feed of their site.

New search options!

Along with the old standard category sorts, the new search form on the browser allows you to zero in on precisely the cards you’re looking for. A variety of sort patterns are available, you can limit the cards to those within your budget, search for particular cards by title and easily bring your favorites to the front. The Rows per Page drop down lets you customize the view to suit your browsing habits, and you can Next/Previous to your hearts delight to browse right through over 7,000 live blogs.

The browser features advanced price-tracking which means that even with the new, fast-fluctuating prices you’ll always get the price you see on the screen, and a clean auto-refresh lets you order by, say, Random, and get a screen full of new cards every 20 seconds.

Chat notice!

And last, and definitely least, there’s a small notice in the top right hand corner on many of the screens that will let you know if an admin is currently in the chat room. It’s probably not going to be a really common thing but sometimes we’re just around and it’s quicker to ask us direct than to post a support request.

Pricing update

We’re pleased (and relieved) to note that the prices are falling as predicted, the price average is now 141ec, down from a high of over 900 on the day of the price system release. We still have a little way to go yet before we can really make a judgment call on how it has turned out, but prices have dropped and purchasing is heading back towards pre-change volume as blogs reach stable prices.

We had 4,400 ad purchases for a total of 255,808ec yesterday, very positive numbers. Thanks everyone for your patience with these changes, some further small changes may be necessary in the near future, however they will be nothing like as dramatic, and any changes of significance will be communicated well in advance via email to everyone with an account and a live widget. Please double-check your email address to ensure you do receive these notices. There is also a new Economy forum in the forums, for people interested in data and early tweaking of economy concepts.

Is the EntreCard still FREE while the pricing rate going up? I guess many of you can not buy ads from your dropped cards as it is now very high!


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