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Amazon Introducing the Carousel Widget

Posted on: Tháng Tư 13, 2008

Just to let you all know that Amazon has just introduced the newest widget called Carousel that help you make your selected products displayed in an interactive 3D. Here is the announcement of this widget and two screenshot for your information.

The Carousel widget presents products in an interactive 3D display allowing you to select either the Carousel or Ferris Wheel format in multiple sizes that work for your site. There are several ways to create your widget; you can hand-pick specific products to recommend to your viewers or choose to display the latest Bestsellers and New Releases from any Amazon category.

Here’s an example of the widget for you to check out:


To get started visit the Carousel widget page, and add it to your site today.

It is very unique compared to other affiliate networks like Chitika, WidgetBucks or TTZmedia too.


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