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New Chitika Mini Series Suite started off

Posted on: Tháng Tư 12, 2008

Chitika in 2003Image via WikipediaAs promised, Chitika are now releasing a lot of new features in their Mini Series Suite starting off with Interactive Premium Listings that is coming out soon and other great options called Multiple Product Unit:

What is this? Similar to Chitika | eMiniMalls, the MPU is a Pay-Per-Click ad unit that displays ads for various products. The big difference is that this unit shows multiple products instead of just one.

How does this differ from the original version of MPU? This new MPU has a cleaner, more streamlined look and feel.

This unit will work great for you if you have a product-based website or your site has product reviews.

How do I get it? Current publishers: LOGIN and click the “Get Code” tab.

Not yet a Chitika user? Sign up here.

And another ad unit called Whitespace that many bloggers have been waiting for, here it is:

Chitika | WhiteSpaceAd

What is it? No fancy naming here, the WhiteSpaceAd is exactly what it sounds like, an ad that maximizes already unused white space on your page WHEN your US visitors are viewing your site on a high resolution monitor.

What does it look like? For all you visual folks out there, here are some screen shots. Or directly preview it on your website- Quick-Preview it here.

How do I get it?

Or LOGIN, click the “Get Code” tab.

Not yet a publisher?
Sign up in minutes!

Good luck to you all!


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