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Chitika announced 70+ power-packed revenue earning ad units next week

Posted on: Tháng Tư 4, 2008

To my opinion, Chitika and Google Adsense are rated the top companies which usually improve their programs to bring more features to their publishers.


I have seen a lot of great features added to their programs recently like Chitika for Domains, Adsense for Conversations, Scrolling Ads, Blogger in Draft…etc. That is the reason why I decided to stay a long life with them.

Here is the latest news from Chitika just right after the announcement for Chitika for Domains less than a week ago. You will have everything in one place with this new feature soon.

With over 70+ power-packed revenue earning ad units, Chitika has the largest collection of revenue-generating solutions catering to publishers of all sizes. We have always been big believers in freedom of choice to publishers. In fact, we were the first to give publishers the freedom to hand pick product keywords for their site. We have stopped at nothing to continue providing innovative services for years.


Mini Series

Each of our products are designed with a specific objective for our publishers. Because different publishers need different things, you simply cannot rely on one ad-type to earn you revenue. Also, what works well for one publisher may not hold true for the next; which is why starting next week we will be taking each product from The Chitika Ad Unit Suite and showing you how they each work differently on your website or blog.

This mini-series of blog posts will show you which products work for what publishers and where to use it. As you may know, Chitika now offers CPC & CPM ad units which can be found in products ranging from the Chitika

I can not wait to see it next week as it has touched on my curiosity 🙂


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