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eBay Partner Network officially open for registration

Posted on: Tháng Tư 1, 2008

Great to hear that eBay Partner Network is officially live for registration after a long time testing and development. This is a collaboration between eBay Network and in the hope to compete with other affiliate networks like Chitika eMiniMalls, TTZmedia and WidgetBucks.

We are really excited to announce that eBay’s new global affiliate platform, the eBay Partner Network, is now live and ready for registration – so register and start migrating your links from CJ to the new platform!

During April 2008, you can receive an additional 5% bonus for all traffic sent through eBay Partner Network in April 2008 (bonus applicable to traffic sent to and US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, India and Spain eBay sites). The sooner you migrate, the more you’ll earn, so get stuck in.

You’ll still have access to your Commission Junction account immediately post launch. However, please aim to finish your migration to the eBay Partner Network by May 1st, 2008 as we anticipate access to parallel reporting to discontinue shortly afterwards.

Payment methods are also announced following the launch notice in the eBay Partner Network Blog and you can select which options are the best for you.

You will be paid monthly on around the 25th of each month, in one of the 5 currencies we support: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar or Canadian Dollars. We offer two methods of payment – you can choose either Direct Deposit (available in 11 countries) or Paypal. Both options are free and please note that for Paypal no premier / business account or cross border fee will apply!

Good luck to all eBay publishers!


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