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WPdesigner new owner announced his plan

Posted on: Tháng Ba 29, 2008

Following my previous posts about the for sale and the new owner of the blog, I also mentioned that the new owner must be a Russian-like guy, not American but now he said that he was original Polish and residing in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Anyway, what we expected from the new owner now was partly disclosed and his plan will mainly be focused on the Themes Club and try to produce one theme/month. It is a great plan as we can see new themes to come every month but not sure about the person will be leading this club as Pawel does not have expertise on this but he must be a good entrepreneur.

I’m Pawel Ciszewski the new owner. I’ll keep this post short and to the point and answer some questions the community has been asking.

Who are you and what are your plans with WPDesigner?

My names Pawel Ciszewski, the names Polish but I’ve was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and currently reside in Miami Beach, FL.

I’m an online entrepreneur who actively pursues many differenet internet ventures and actively acquire sites that I feel are valuable resources to the Internet and will be profitable long term.

What are your plans for wpdesigner?

I will try to keep the blog posts and blog designs as good as they where by SP but that will be a challenge and nobody will replace SP.

Expanding the themes club will be my main objective. I myself won’t be actively posting or building themes, not by expertise and leave that to those who are.

Currently in talks with some well know WP theme designers to take over the building of monthly new themes and blog posting but have not yet determined who will take over that responsibility.



Welcome Pawel!


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