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Top 5 5-Column Templates for Blogspot Blogger – FREE

Posted on: Tháng Ba 28, 2008

I must say that I was extremely surprised to see these 5 5-column templates for blogspot blogger introduced on Natalie blog. It is fully-customized templates that help your blogs more professional and they are all FREE of charge.

Here are the details of these templates:

Here are the all new 5 column free template for blogspot bloggers ! It,s not just specious but also the space is usable to the fullest extent ! The 5 coloumn free template for blogspot is now yours ! More staffs to stay side by side !

There are five 5 types available based on the position of the main bar that holds posts – main1234, 1main234, 12main34, 123main4, 1234main . All of them are with different color schemes as well as with different positions of sidebars and the mainbar. Choose yours !

There are something that I should tell you about the sidebars. Sidebar 1 and 3 are set in the size that can perfectly hold Adsense 120 x 600 Skyscraper . So it will be convenient to set two units of 120 x 600 Skyscraper in sidebar 1 and 3 if you wish.

I suggest to put text, picture, Profile, Archive, in either sidebar 2 or 4 as those are larger than rest of the sidebars.

List, Labels, Link List, can easily be accommodated in both sidebar 1 and sidebar 3.
And about template colors, you can set them either blank or blind or choose something middle of those two ! Each sidebar can take different color.

Now what left ? Oh ! Wait, If you are familiarized with blogspot template changing than it’s ok to move forward without hesitation. Again, if you are not that much familiarized and want to start a new blog , even that’s ok to move forward with 5 column template. But if you are going to replace the existing template of a running blog loaded with sidebar widgets, before picking up a new template I suggest you to head over into the Instruction page.

Here are the screenshots of them and you can download them for your blogs if you want:

Template 1:

Download here

Template 2:

Download here

Template 3:

Download here

Template 4:

Download here

Template 5:

Download here

To my experiences and Natalie also advises you all to back up your current template and read carefully the instructions on how to install these premium templates. This can help you avoid errors and not loosing any data or widgets that you are using now.

Good luck and thanks Natalie for sharing these great templates.


1 Response to "Top 5 5-Column Templates for Blogspot Blogger – FREE"

Nice to know that you liked these templates. Thanks for your interest.

By the way, Natalie is no way related in creating these templates and maintaining this blog.

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