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Chitika Domains Craze- Your questions answered with new two features

Posted on: Tháng Ba 28, 2008

After launching the Chitika for Domains, many publishers have sent Chitika questions regarding the integration of Chitika for Domains into their blogs/websites or whether they could use sub-domains instead of frontpage. Great to hear that Chitika has officially answered these questions and planned to launched new features in the coming time.

Just a few days ago our sleek CPC store design for your parked pages was released. We are very happy with the amount of interest and feedback we’ve received here on the blog and in the Domains Forum discussion.

I would like to highlight some of the important questions we have been asked about Chitika For Domains and let you know what features you can expect to see coming soon.

Why does my domain header say “Chitika For Domains” instead of the header I specified?

Your domain page will be updated and ready for additional customization by 12:00 AM EST the day you create it. Each night the domain pages created for that day are updated on our servers. We do plan on speeding this up soon.

Can I setup Chitika For Domains as a sub-domain on my site?
Because the design looks so nice, many of you want to integrate Chitika For Domains into your website much like ShopLinc already does now. We understand the importance of this and will be offering it soon.

I am seeing limited products on my page; how can I expand my product listings?
We offer a great customization tool for what products you can choose to display. If you are looking to display a specific product or brand, you can put “Sony” as your keyword, and “Digital Cameras” as your category and you will be able to show “Sony Digital Cameras” only. If you do not need to be as specific you can put in your own keywords like “ipod nano” and no category. The most generalized option is selecting a category alone.

If you are seeing limited products it could be because you selected keywords AND a category in which the category has no products for the keywords.

Features Coming Soon…

  • Personalized header that includes your logo, header and link navigation from your website.
  • The ability to customize the category listings on the left hand side to limit it to the categories you want shown.

For additional help customizing your domain page and setup options click here for our FAQ page which nicely compiles some helpful information about getting started.

For additional help comment below or contact customer support.

Thanks for reading my post.


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