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Three Simple Steps to increasing AdBrite Revenue

Posted on: Tháng Ba 27, 2008

As discussed in the long previous post about 6 tips for optimizations of Full Page Ad, you have known a little bit about AdBrite – The Internet Marketplace. I would like to share these simple 3 further steps that you should follow to boost your AdBrite earnings.

These optimization tips are disclosed on the AdBrite Blog, then I decided to repost them here for your information.

1) Choose prominent, above-the-fold zone placements

The old adage says three things matter in real estate: location, location, location. The same is true for online advertising.

To maximize revenue production, make sure your AdBrite ad zone is prominently placed. This usually means “above the fold” (at the top of the page) or near other content areas where users are likely to discover and engage with ad messages.

With more prominent placements, users are more likely to click on your text ads, and banner advertisers will find your inventory more desirable. All of this should increase your revenue yield per page.

2) Choose banner-and-text zones

AdBrite offers site owners lots of flexibility to choose how ads are displayed on your sites.

Over time, we’ve found that standard zone sizes, which expose your site to banner and text ads in our auction, yield maximum revenue for publishers. For example, the medium rectangle (300×250) is our highest-yielding ad placement.

Choosing one of our five standard banner-and-text zone sizes exposes your zone to the maximum possible advertiser demand from both banner and text advertisers. More buyers usually means more relevant ads and a higher price.

3) Try Inline and Full Page Ad products

By choosing above-the-fold banner-and-text zones, you’ve already set yourself up to receive our highest-yielding banner and text ads. To boost your revenue even further, try inline ads and Full Page Ads.

Inline ads are interactive and take up less real estate than standard zones. Up to eight words that you already have on your site will be highlighted, and you generate revenue when a user mouses over the double-underlined word and clicks on an associated text ad.

Full Page Ads allow you to earn incremental revenue without using your website space. Publishers running Full Page Ads typically generate $3-10 CPMs for those ads.

Are you now interested in AdBrite and would like try this and see how high CTR and eCPM compared to other contextual advertising programs?

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