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The Kontera Hybrid now open to selected publishers

Posted on: Tháng Ba 27, 2008

As announced in the Kontera blog, the Kontera Hybrid – The Next Level of In Text Advertising will make a big change in in-text advertising industry that no advertising networks have aplied before.

The Kontera Hybrid

What is the Kontera Hybrid?

Kontera Hybrid is a publisher tool designed to increase user involvement, engaging users where they are the most active – within the content. The Kontera Hybrid is a completely customizable, In-Text media layer that simultaneously displays relevant content alongside advertisements. The Hybrid layer enhances a webpage by presenting links to related content, videos, and images alongside advertisements in one cohesive unit. The Hybrid layer is launched upon a user mouse-over on a highlighted keyword within a webpage, thus increasing user engagement and site interaction.

How does the Kontera Hybrid Work?

Kontera´s patent-pending technology and proprietary algorithms thoroughly analyze each webpage to determine its topic, extract relevant Keywords, and determine which other pages within the website are thematically related to it. This real-time analysis determines which Keywords within a page’s content will be highlighted and, upon user mouse-over, will launch the Hybrid layer. The system also simultaneously selects and adds links to related content to be featured within the Hybrid’s layer.

The Kontera Hybrid enables publishers to select the source of the articles displayed within the layer, either by re-directing users to other sections within the website or by providing links to related articles from other online sources. In other words, the Kontera Hybrid helps you direct traffic where you want it to go.

The Kontera Hybrid’s advanced capabilities and multi-faceted layer encourage greater user engagement rates with publishers’ ads and content, resulting in a 20% increase in page views among publishers benefitting from the Hybrid.

Introducing the Kontera Hybrid

According to Kontera, this customized advertising technology will bring several key benefits to its publishers and help them increase revenue as follows:


• Enhanced user engagement
• Related articles and videos
• Increased page views per user
• A means to move traffic within your site/network
• Additional premium advertising inventory

This new ads type was launched on Monday, March 17, 2008 and only available to selected publishers and hope it will be available to the whole network in the soonest future.

You can also see the Demo here and if you would like to try this new customized ads format, please email to


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