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Google Blog: A common sense approach to Internet safety

Posted on: Tháng Ba 26, 2008

Just to share with you all a very interesting article about “A common sense approach to Internet safety“. It will give you a clear overview on how hard others are working to keep themselves safe online and what tools are recommended to use to protect yourselves from a changing internet world. Here is the full detail of the article.

Over the years, we’ve built tools and offered resources to help kids and families stay safe online. Our SafeSearch feature, for example, helps filter explicit content from search results.

We’ve also been involved in a variety of local initiatives to educate families about how to stay safe while surfing the web. Here are a few highlights:

  • Google India initiated “Be NetSmart,” an Internet safety campaign created in cooperation with local law enforcement authorities that aims to educate students, parents, and teachers across the country about the great value the Internet can bring to their lives, while also teaching best practices for safe surfing.
  • And Google Germany worked with the national government, industry representatives, and a number of local organizations recently to launch a search engine for children.

As part of these ongoing efforts to provide online safety resources for parents and kids, we’ve created Tips for Online Safety, a site designed to help families find quick links to safety tools like SafeSearch, as well as new resources, like a video offering online safety pointers that we’ve developed in partnership with Common Sense Media. In the video, Anne Zehren, president of Common Sense, offers easy-to-implement tips, like how to set privacy and sharing controls on social networking sites and the importance of having reasonable rules for Internet use at home with appropriate levels of supervision.

Users can also download our new Online Family Safety Guide (PDF), which includes useful Internet Safety pointers for parents, or check out a quick tutorial on SafeSearch created by one of our partner organizations, GetNetWise.

We all have roles to play in keeping kids safe online. Parents need to be involved with their kids’ online lives and teach them how to make smart decisions. And Internet companies like Google need to continue to empower parents and kids with tools and resources that help put them in control of their online experiences and make web surfing safer.

Article source: You can read is original article posted Google Blog


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