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TweetBurner is now a big competitor with TinyURL

Posted on: Tháng Ba 25, 2008

TweetBurner is a brand new service announced just one week ago (March 22, 2008) but currently serving 1830 Twurls. It is easy to use as no registration is required, just putting your blog url address and the TweetBurner will help you Twurl it in seconds.

Here is my blog twurl: (13 characters)

Is this different from TinyUrl service? Yes, TweetBurner makes your blog urls shorter than TinyURL. I can make a comparison with my own blog. If I use TinyURL to shorten my blog, it will be like this: (16 characters).

Both of them are now FREE of charge and no requirement for registration at all and TinyURL has advantages as it has been operated for a long time and a good reputation has been set up too. Is Twitter moving to use TweetBurner instead of TinyUrl in the near future? You will wait and see but now Twitter is still using TinyUrl service.


What is Tweetburner?

Tweetburner allows you to keep track of what happens to the links in tweets shared with you, by you, by your friends and every other twitterer. With it’s shorturl service we provide a shorturl for your links and content. Share it with your friends and let Tweetburner do it’s work. See how link information is generated and put into statistics so you can analyse what happened. Not only will this work for your links, all your tweets will be indexed and analysed. Tweetburner will let you know when you’ve created a hype.

How does it work?

Just follow tweetburner at Twitter and your account will be registered. The info is send to you via DM and you’re ready to go.

Welcome new Tweet to the blogging world. Hope this can make a big difference in the near future!


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