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FREE Online Shop with Chitika Domains

Posted on: Tháng Ba 25, 2008

As I said in my previous post about the upcoming CPM graphic ads of Chitika, you might be noticed of another major change within your account between Owna and Shoplinc tabs, there will be a Beta tab called Domains. It is a new function and quite similar to Shoplinc but not the same at all.

With this new Beta tab, you can create your own online shop with targeted products and linked to your own domain. Chitika will park this store for you and your Shop link will look like this:

You can see DEMO of my Shop about my favorite products here

Here are FAQ about the announcement of the new ads format:

“When will banner/graphic ads start showing on my pages?”

This service is coming soon. Graphic ads will pay per impression (CPM) and will be shown only when they can earn you more revenue than a CPC-based ad.

“Will there be any reason I won’t see graphic ads?”
Yes, if your website is not yet included in our service or your current CPC ad campaigns are already doing well.

“Why am I seeing Graphic ads? Can I opt out?”
If you are seeing Graphic ads on your pages it is because our system dynamically selected your site for CPM ads that can earn you higher revenue than a CPC ad. To opt-out of this service, login to your Chitika account and opt-out in your Account settings.

Here is the screenshot of the Domains shop for your reference.


You can see some new type of CPM graphic ads around my blog. If you are interested, you can sign up for Chitika eMiniMal now.

Good luck and hope to hear feedbacks from you all soon.


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