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Can you make more than 3 PIN requests?

Posted on: Tháng Ba 25, 2008

So many requests and feedbacks have been sent to Google Adsense Team regarding PIN verification whether the “hold payment” status disappearing after PIN number verified or not. Most of publishers still saw payment hold there even they inserted their PIN.

According to Google Adsense explanation, publishers could only request no more than 3 times for PIN and the “hold payment” status still apply to some of you until your earnings reach $100. So, the only way to make sure that your hold payment will be removed is to get enough $100 for check issue.

As you may know, we’ll send you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by standard mail when your account first reaches $10 in earnings. This PIN is used to help verify publisher accounts and addresses for security purposes. We often receive messages from publishers concerned about what to look for in the mail, and when they can expect to receive it. In response, we’ve created the short video below which we hope will help address these issues. It might not be a Hollywood production but hey…even the greats started small 😉

If you don’t receive your first PIN, you can still request up to two more. Please note that aside from verifying your PIN, other holds may apply to your account — you’ll need to remove all holds and generate $100 in earnings before a payment can take place.

Good luck and thanks Google for detailed clarifications on this.


1 Response to "Can you make more than 3 PIN requests?"

If you wont receive it 3rd time .. request them to send you through secured post .. 😉 they will send it to you using UPS and it will be free of cost !! Happed this with me 😉

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