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One Ad per Blog for FREE Contest! Join Now!

Posted on: Tháng Ba 24, 2008

Just to share that my neighbors’ blog are now running a great contest that all of you can benefit from it. No requirements! No budget! No more than 2 steps! Your banners will be on the homepage. Wow!!!!

Many people are now running contests with a lot of interesting awards/prizes on your blog to promote their blogs to the world. Most of the prizes are EntreCard credits or asking you to subscribe to their RSS or follow their referral link to another advertisers websites. But, do you know that you are the winners at the end of the contests?

No one can guarantee that your entries or blogs are luckily selected by the blog owners and never know how and why you are not the winners either. But, it is totally different with this simple contest. My contest seems to be a FREE offer without any compulsory requirements. Why?

As you might know that my blog is not a big one and not many people know about it so far. What you get is the what I want, the traffic. Your regular visits to my blog is a great award in return to what you will get here. That is what I call my blog is “One Ad per Blog” means each of you who are visiting my blog and interested in putting a small banners on my blog.

Here are the details of the contest:

  • Only one ad per blog
  • Your ad banner size must be 125×125 or 117×30 pixel
  • No flash, only .jpg, .png and .gif format are accepted
  • All banners must be registered through Project Wonderful
  • Advertise on my blogs through EntreCard with my own credits

You will ask me “Why it is free when you ask to register through Project Wonderful?” it is a paid service. Yes, how I can make PAID service a free one.

I strongly recommend you all to place $0.00 bid on any positions on my blogs. I will set it at $0.00 all the time. It is free now. Please do not set over $0.00. I will not responsible for any higher bid that any of you may place.

Another thing that I can put your banner of same size, not through Project Wonderful, on my blog sidebar for life is to exchange link with my blogs.

Last but not least is to advertise through EntreCard, how to do that? You can comment on my blog and link back to my blogs. I will send you credits to buy advertisement on my blogs too.

Good luck to you all. You are of course the winners! Never better before on the internet! Visit the blog and put your banner there now at One Ad per Blog for FREE


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