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Microsoft Corp. cut 20-40% price of Retail Vista later this year

Posted on: Tháng Ba 22, 2008

As the number of Vista users currently are not high as expected and they are not planning to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista in the coming time. Microsoft Corp. has to think about another strategy to boost sales of Windows Vista in the near future.

Another reason that may also affect this decision is that Windows Vista has blocked many other third party softwares that are now popular particularly Internet Security of TrendMicro or BitDefender…etc.

Microsoft Corp. is cutting prices for retail versions of the Windows Vista operating system in an attempt to boost sales to the relatively small number of people who buy the software at retail outlets.

The Redmond, Wash., software maker said it is lowering the price of stand-alone versions of Windows Vista between 20% and 40% from its price as of the beginning of this year. The price cuts, expected later this year, are world-wide and affect all consumer versions of Windows Vista, including Home, Premium and Ultimate editions. Retail prices for the products now range from about $200 to $400.

According to the announcement that posted on The Wall Street Journal, this decision will be effective later this year and applied to all version of Windows Vista such as Home, Premium and Ultimate too.


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