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Almost Chitika Products are now FREE?

Posted on: Tháng Ba 21, 2008

If you are running in you blogs, you must know that Chitika eMiniMalls products are now displaying in a totally different formats. This change has increased PPC and sales in my blog these days. It is a great news.

In the Chitika blog, the marketing team also disclosed this change but not saying what exactly the change will look like but you can realize this if you pay attentions to Chitika products on you blog.

Here are two screenshots that I captured on my blog today for your information:



Are these products are really FREE? No, I think that it is the time of transition then the Chitika system are still updating its price to match all partners’ sites. This change has not been applied to Chitika country site link Chitika UK, the formats are the same and price are still there.


If you are not sure whether these products are FREE or not, please click to what products with $0 and you will get the real price are not $0 at all.

It is a fun? No, it is real and I really appreciate this change as it has made a big difference in the PPC and CPA advertising campaign and hope that my earnings will increase accordingly.

Another update that you might know before is the report tracking system. It is now also improved to help you track which channels are the best. You can login your account and see how.

Good luck to you all.


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