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FriendFeed Search function launched!

Posted on: Tháng Ba 18, 2008

Great news for those who are using FriendFeed for their blogs that the search function has just been added to tab navigation together with Friends, Me and Everyone tab. You can easily use this tab to find your friends items and more.

I am extremely happy to announce that FriendFeed now has search. There is now a search box on the top right of your FriendFeed home page. You can search over all of your friends’ shared items, an individual person’s items, or search all of FriendFeed:

You can also restrict your search to any one of the web sites FriendFeed supports. For example, here is a search for “friendfeed” in your friends’ Twitter messages. While some of the sites we support at FriendFeed have search functionality available, many of them do not, and most do not allow you to restrict your searches to content from your friend network. Our hope is that this new FriendFeed feature will make all the products we support a bit more useful for you.

Search boxes are now available on most pages of the site. If you want to see all of the search options available, check out the advanced search page.

All of the effort for this feature came from Jim Norris, one of the FriendFeed co-founders and one of the smartest guys I know. Since I have have been bugging him about this feature for weeks, he is officially my superhero now. Jim, you rock.

Good luck to all! See my FriendFeed link


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