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The Pyramid Scheme Is officially a Fraud

Posted on: Tháng Ba 17, 2008

I am so surprised to hear from TechCrunch this evening that is a SCAM. This news was posted on Chris Pirillo blog who has just earned over $3,000USD but could not withdraw that money. He tried to contact Bux representative but no reply.

No one could believe this news is true with a clear evidence as has a lot of members and high ranking in Alexa ~332 but you must accept this when you read the full story of Chris and an in-dept analysis post in TechCrunch blog.

A week later, I had built up most (if not all of my referrals) through legit means, gaining ~$500 in revenue according to their meter. At that point, I did an initial cashout – and it’s been in limbo ever since, though I have flown well past a 30 business day timeframe for pay-out as a premium member (and generated an additional $3,000 in revenues to boot).

At some point, they were booted from PayPal and started to use AlertPay – so I signed up for an account there immediately, using the same email address. To be sure everyone was on the same virtual page, I reached out and connected with a live Bux representative, and he was overtly rude when I pressed him for more information – like, the person had NO business wearing the “customer service” hat.

I knew the risks in participating with their system, but I’ve heard conflicting reports from other folks (some have allegedly been paid at lower amounts than mine). I submitted a request to Bux last week and have yet to hear back – and it’s not like I’m impossible to get ahold of in any capacity!

And here is what Techcrunch discussed about system and how it cheated its users, especially new users who do not have many experiences in making money online;

The service in question is called They pay users $0.01 to watch an advertisement for thirty seconds. They also pay $0.01 for every advertisement viewed by anyone that has signed up using your referral code. Sounds great, but there’s one problem – users are complaining that they aren’t getting paid, or are getting paid weeks and weeks after they should have been.

The reason? is undoubtedly finding itself in cash flow trouble. Advertisers, I’m sure, are not jumping at the chance to get to users who value their time at $1.20/hour and are only looking at ads because they’re paid to.

AGLOCO, another version of the scheme, went belly up last year. AGLOCO was created by the same team that founded AllAdvantage (also DeadPool) back in the late nineties. Basically, the model doesn’t work, no matter how people try to spin it.

I am so lucky to read this news on time as I have just signed up this network for a week ago from one of my friend and only earned 0.75$ in my account. I would like to thank TechCrunh and Chris for sharing this and hope others will be informed of this soon.

Hi Chris, I think you are right, we can not quit our daily job to join this type of fraud business and your tips are quite useful:

  1. You can’t make money fast.
  2. You can’t get rich easily.
  3. You can’t expect to get a lot of anything from doing little to nothing.
  4. You can’t trust every site on the Internets.
  5. You can’t ignore the power of Twitter and/or blogs in surfacing corruption.
  6. You can’t expect any amount of good to come from “surf” sites.
  7. You can’t expect that things “too good to be true” actually are.

Good luck to you all! is now my system 🙂


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