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WordPress 2.5 Admin area will be colorful

Posted on: Tháng Ba 16, 2008

As you all knew in my previous post about the delay of WordPress 2.5 is due tomorrow March 17 and maybe more. Some of you have had opportunity to test the first Demo of the new version and I myself really love it as it is really colorful and you can take control of customizing your WordPress Admin area with several color palette available.

Today, when I visited Web Tools Collection, one of my favorite one on the internet and read an useful post about features of WordPress 2.5 admin and I would like to quote it here for your information and hope that WordPress 2.5 will be available tomorrow morning for download.

This past week of WordPress 2.5 developments saw the addition of changeable color schemes to the 2.5 admin interface.


Ryan started us off by announcing that WordPress 2.5 will feature two different color schemes. One color scheme will be called Classic while the other will be Fresh. Fresh will feature the newly redesigned color scheme while Classic will contain darker shades of blue and gray. Now, the only decision is whether to have Classic or Fresh be the default color scheme. So far, it looks like Fresh is winning the race.

If that were not enough, I asked Ryan if this would allow end users to upload style sheets that are created by members of the community into the back end which could then be selected to change the color scheme. Ryan simply answered with “New color schemes can be added as plugins”. For those that need a visual aid, Ozh has published a post which explains how to add a custom stylesheet via a plugin.

And as an added bonus, I think I’ll throw in the fact that the first full fledged WordPress 2.5 administration theme has been released called Fluency. Fluency features a smooth gray color scheme with the main menus displayed in a vertical column on the left hand side of the site and sub menus appearing horizontally across the top.


This theme does have a few rendering issues. For instance, if you are using FireFox and you have too many entries in the second tier navigation menu, the menu will overlap with the header of the subpage. Also keep in mind that not all plugins will look normal within this theme as was the case with WP-PostRatings. Some plugin Option pages will look incorrect but Dean acknowledges that additional plugin option page support will be added as necessary.

You can change the look and feel of the WordPress 2.5 back end yourself or you can use one of the community produced themes and style sheets to make it look just the way you like. 2.5 is starting to come together and I can hardly wait!

Thanks Jeffro2pt0 for sharing this useful article!


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