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The Most Effective FREE traffic exchange program now

Posted on: Tháng Ba 16, 2008

Traffic and backlinks are the most important factors that determine your blog ranking position on the internet. But, how to get quality traffic that helps increase your sales, not a bouncing back traffic? It is a big question and the only satisfactory answer that you have ever heard was to advertise your blog. Further, advertisers can not buy ads on your blog if your blog has few visitors per day and not their potential ones.

Many websites/blogs have been successful in marketing their brand through a big marketing strategy but few of these blogs could keep their blog readers stay with them for a long time as loyal one. John Chow dot Com blog is one of the most popular blog on the internet that could generate about 30,000USD/month but he also spent a thousand dollars/month to advertise his blog through Google Adsense, Bidvertiser and direct ads on many other blogs.

Do John and other big blog like ProBlogger take advantage of free traffic exchange programs to earn more readers? Do they believe in these free traffic? Yes, John and Darren are now using both BlogRush, Spottt and EntreCard and they earn a lot of traffic from these two programs. Many of these free traffic have been their loyal ones of course.

As I said in my previous post about 5 recommended free exchange programs, I also analyzed about what benefits that curtain programs can bring to your blog and what is the most appropriate for your blogs too.

After a long time using these FREE exchange programs, I would like share my personal experiences about this issue. I must say that it is my own answer and you maybe disagree with my opinion here but it is fine as my explanation above, each program can only fit curtain type of blogs.

BlogRush has made a big difference on the internet while they are offering a lot of FREE traffic to its members and many members have reported that they were banned by Google due to this cheap traffic and invalid/fraudulent clicks generated by these traffic. Now, BlogRush is loosing its position in the battle as not much traffic for its members while credits earned by members are not PAID. EntreCard and Spottt are now stirring up this battle through a lot of traffic that members can receive per day now. I am hope that this trend will not be down like BlogRush as many credits in my account have not been burned yet.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend you all to try EntreCard first and then Spottt or both at the same time to generate FREE traffic to improve your blog ranking positions. If you do not believe what I have written here, you can ask John Chow and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger why they both used EntreCard and Spottt. Is that for fun? 🙂

Thanks for reading my post


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