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Posted on: Tháng Ba 16, 2008

About Tinh Tran

Tinh is a freelance writer and blogger who is interested in blogging about the things he loves and most of his posts are free of charge and some accounting for nearly 5-10% are paid per request through BlogVertise, PayPerPost or direct order. But, the contents in general are not affected by these compensated.

Graduated from Columbia University, City of New York, USA in 2006 for Human Resource and Financial Management, Tinh is now working as Program Officer for an International – American NGO in the reproductive and sexual health. His main duty is supporting local partners to develop activities and monitoring these activities and financial management to ensure the biggest coverage of the program to beneficiaries.

One important thing about Mr. Tinh is that he is a disabled person but very active one in many social activities especially in the battle to struggle for the rights of the persons with disability nationally and internationally too.

Mr. Tinh is now 28 years old and he have been nominated as member of the Young Leaders International Peace Council – YLIPC. The mission of the Young Leaders International Peace Council is to enable young people to play a more active role in transforming conflict, in healing and reconciliation, and in addressing the causes that lead to violence. Its activities include bringing together young people in conflict and post-conflict regions to begin dialogue, learn nonviolent communications and open the way to healing. It also includes advocacy to bring to light issues such as the use of child soldiers and the illegal weapons trade. The Peace Council engages young people in awareness raising and skills training that build local support for nonviolence and that endorse the values of respect for diversity and an understanding of shared human values.

This is new blog initiated by Tinh and he owns two blogs at the same time. All revenue earned from these two blogs are donated to the Agent Orange Victims in Vietnam. These donations will be used to buy books, pens and pencils for these victims to go to school.

What can you suport Mr. Tinh and his project? It is easy as you can put a backlink or these icons code on your blogs to link back to his blogs. He will put your link on his blogs in exchange too for sure.

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Thanks for visiting Mr. Tinh’s blogs


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