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Photobucket Image Editing tool to replace online Photoshop

Posted on: Tháng Ba 15, 2008

Great news from Photobucket that new feature – image editing tool has just been integrated into your Photobucket account. You can now edit your uploaded photos and share with your friends. No Photoshop is needed now 🙂

It’s the number one feature you’ve asked for. And now it’s here: full editing right inside your Photobucket album.

You can crop, rotate, and flip images. You can remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, add fun shapes, play with color effects, or add your face to a celebrity, gorilla, or astronaut. And much more besides.

Your original photo will always be safe. You can choose to save a new copy or overwrite your original.

Click here to take a look at a slideshow of some samples.

How do you edit your images?

Click on an image in your album, to zoom into “full view.” You’ll see a new “edit image” pull down menu above the image.


What can you do?

Lots of ideas here: Click here to take a look at a slideshow of some samples. And here’s a couple below.

In the image below, apply Pop Art (in the Effects tab). Then add a frame by selecting Antique Frame in the Borders tool (located in the Decorate tab). Lastly, add some Text with a background using the Text tool (in the Decorate tab).


In the image below, use Smart Recolor (located in the Geek tab) to recolor the hair blue. Play the embedded help video to learn about this tool. Then, apply Photo Corners (in the Borders tool, located in the Decorate tab).


This post used some photos and text from Photobucket blog


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