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14 Most Common Blogger Problems & Solutions

Posted on: Tháng Ba 15, 2008

If you are running your blog under blogspot/blogger platform, you will find this collection useful as it summarizes the most common problems and recommended solutions . Further, you will find other programs and tools that are totally compatible to blogger/blogspot then you do not need to find anywhere else.

Hope this summary can help you make your blogs more attractive and solve problems emerging especially new bloggers who are putting their first foot in blogging work like me 🙂

1. Help – I can’t log in to Blogger!

If you’re having trouble accessing your account, try our login recovery tool:

If that doesn’t do the trick for you, we have a great troubleshooter that’ll help you out.

2. I can log in to my account, but I can’t find my blog.

Here’s a GREAT place to check. 9 out of 10 times you’re just logging in to the wrong account. The first thing to do is try different email addresses. Remember, a Google Account doesn’t have to be a Gmail address. Also, if you do have a Gmail address that is not associated with your Blogger account, make sure to log out of Gmail before attempting to log into Blogger.

If you’re unsure of your passwords or need a hint as to which email address you should be logging in with, try our login recovery tool:

3. Help – I accidentally deleted my blog!

If you got a little trigger happy and accidentally deleted your blog, you can recreate your blog using the same account you originally created it with. If you’re looking to get your original blog back, the Blogger Help Group isn’t the best location to handle this sort of issue, as we need to verify the blog’s ownership. As such, please go here to contact us:

4. How do I notify people of updates to my blog?

We’ve got a few suggestions:

– Use the BlogSend feature to email folks when you update your blog:

– Get your friends hooked on feeds and give them the feed of your blog:

– Feedburner also has a Subscribe via Email widget you can add to your blog after burning your feed.

Blogarithm is a service that will let your friends and family subscribe to your blog and be notified by email when you have new content.

– Blog Alert will send your family and friends daily email notifications when there are new posts to your blog. They don’t need an account. They just need to enter your feed URL and their email address.

5. How can I tell how many people have visited my blog?

There are a number of sites that offer free services to help you track visits to your blog. You can do a Google search to find them, or you can start by checking out some of these links:

Google Analytics

Site Meter

Bravenet Hit Counter


Easy Hit Counters


6. This blog address looks abandoned – can I have the URL?

As stated in the Blogger Help Center, we can’t reassign subdomains, so the simple answer is no. After a blog is deleted, the subdomain is reserved for the previous owner of the URL to reclaim if he/she so chooses.

7. Help – I can’t find my blog in Google!

Eventually, your blogs will be indexed by Google and other search engines. However, be aware that this may not happen immediately. You can, submit your URL via Google’s free submitting form:

8. How do I promote my blog?

There are various ways to promote your blog and here are just a few:

– Get other sites to link to your blog.

– will submit your blog to 40 search engines.

– Blog Search ( indexes blogs by their site feed, so make sure that your site feed is turned on (Settings | Site Feed tab). If your blog isn’t already listed in Google’s Blog Search engine, you can submit it manually:

– You can also join and actively participate in blog forums and social networks.

– More suggestions included in this Help Center article.

9. How do I use a custom domain with my blog?

Getting a custom domain for your blog couldn’t be easier – you can do it right through the Blogger interface. Check out this Help article for specifics.

10. How do I make a picture a hyperlink?

To make an image into a hyperlink you will need to use the following code:

Message when someone runs their curser over your picture

First upload your picture to a post. Then switch the post editor into Edit HTML mode, and you can see the photo’s URL inside an tag. Simply copy that URL into the “link_to_photograph” part of the above code, fill out the rest of the code, and you’re done!

11. How do I make a link to another website?

Text to be displayed

More instructions here

12. How do I add Audio to my blog?

First you will need to upload the audio file to a free file storage site. Two free media storage sites are or Once your audio is hosted and you have a unique URL for the file, you can use this code to embed audio:

More suggestions here.

13. How do I change the email on my blogger account?

Since your Blogger account is really your Google Account, you can only change the email on your Google Account. To do this check out this Help article:

Or, if you’d like to transfer your blog between two Google Accounts, you could follow these instructions.

14. Where can I get more help?

If you’ve already checked out the Blogger Help Group here, Blogger Known Issues and the Blogger Help Center, then check out the following resources:

Blogger Tips and Tricks

Blogger Talk Blog Community and Blog Forum

Beta Blogger for Dummies

Blogger Status for Real

How can I do that

Testing Blogger

If you would like to get updates on these issues and more tips, you can take a few minutes visiting Blogger FAQ


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