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Spottt planning to add new features, you can contribute too

Posted on: Tháng Ba 14, 2008

Spottt is a Free Link Exchange network, a brand new model that has just reached over 2,000 members after a short time. It is developed and supported by AdBrite people. However, it is not the same model like other traffic exchange programs such as BlogRush, EntreCard.

As a new network then it is going to be improved following its users’ feedbacks and contributions. Now is a great opportunity for you guys to share what should be improved and any other features that Spottt should add in the coming time. We said, and Spottt listened!

After a while, Spottt has just harmonized most 5 common ideas that most users have asked for as followed:

  1. Make a directory of all the Spottt sites, so everyone can see who’s participating
  2. Give you the ability to control what kinds of ads appear on your site
  3. Increase everyone’s traffic by encouraging people to visit other members’ sites. For example, you get free credits when you click someone else’s Spottt ad to visit their site. That way you can “Spottt hop” around the network, check out new sites, and simultaneously help your own site (by getting free credits)
  4. Allow multiple versions of your Spottt ad
  5. Change the pink to some other color 😉
  6. ???

The 6,7,8,9….features are still open for your contributions. You can visit the Spottt blog and comment on what feature you want to request.

Here are some that I have just seen from several comments:

1. An ALT tag for the image (giving a standard tooltip in most browsers)
2. Fancy mouse over tooltip in JavaScript (eats more bandwidth)
3. Small text field beneath the image stating the target URL

I hope to see more features and more quality traffic to my blog too.


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