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FeedBurner officially allows you to transfer Feeds between accounts

Posted on: Tháng Ba 14, 2008

This is a great news coming together with many other features offered by different Google programs such as DoubleClick, Adsense…etc. Now, you can transfer feeds between your feedburner accounts.
When you login your account now, you will see a new tab called transfer feed right after delete feed button. That is the newly-added feature of FeedBurner.

Alright, so we’re a little behind on announcing this feature as well. It’s been live for weeks and is a real time-saver for everyone involved: the new, self-service Feed Transfer capability. As more and more people build blogs and burn feeds, changes in content ownership and control lead to the desire to move a FeedBurner feed from one account to another. In ye goode olde days, someone who wanted to transfer a feed to another account used to a submit a request to us, and then a staffer in our own Central Planning and Command-Line Voodoo department would verify the accounts and then complete the actual feed transfer. Reliable, but time-consuming and tedious for all parties involved.

Away with workaday drudgery! If you own a feed, you may now transfer it to anyone you like simply by using the Transfer Feed… link, which is listed on your feed’s details page and is handily pictured below:

transfer link callout

Just provide the email address of the person you wish to transfer this feed to and FeedBurner will send them a transfer request email. The recipient clicks a link in the email and then creates or signs into a FeedBurner account and accepts the transfer on-the-spot. The transfer itself will be completed immediately, moving the feed from your account to theirs. (Please note that only feed owners may initiate transfers from their own accounts to others. Additional how-to info about Feed Transfer is in our Help Center topic.)

We hope this update makes the process of moving feeds around much simpler for all of you. Thanks for letting us know just how popular (and necessary) this feature is!

Publishers now can easily send a transfer request to another FeedBurner accounts. Then, you accept that request by one-click. That is all you need to do and now all-in-one is properly set up.


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