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6 Simple Tips for Full Page Ads optimization

Posted on: Tháng Ba 14, 2008

AdBrite has just disclosed some resolutions and tips that help publishers to optimize their full page/landing pages ads.

As you all knew, Google is planning now to launch landing pages ads and this plan will seriously compete with AdBrite even this has been implemented by AdBrite for a long time. Howver, Google Adsense policies seem to be fair while allowing Adsense publishers to put Adsense ads on the same page with other advertising networks.

Here are a few simple suggestions for enhancing revenue yield from your Full Page Ad (FPA) zones:

1. Set the zones to auto-approve. The number one reason why a FPA ad unit doesn’t get ad fill is because it’s on manual-approve and the publisher doesn’t approve enough ads.

2. Make sure that the code is hard-coded into the HTML of the webpage rather than an ad rotation system like DART. The FPA won’t fire if it’s in an ad rotation system.

3. Make sure that the code is not inside of an iframe. FPA won’t fire if it’s in an iframe.

4. Make sure that the code is on top of the page to ensure that it fires.

5. Set the click count to fire on the 2nd click if possible. That way it’ll still show for an engaged reader, but there’s a greater chance of firing than if it’s on 3rd click or later.

6. Set the frequency cap to 1 in every 12 hours if possible, and perhaps even lower.

All these changes can be made quickly in the Manage Ad Zones section of the Publisher tab on the AdBrite site.

These tips are quite simple and easy to apply but not many of us remember to use them to optimize AdBrite ads, esp. the landing pages/full page ads.


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