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What other experts and bloggers talking bout Yahoo Messenger retirement

Posted on: Tháng Ba 13, 2008

As you all knew that Yahoo is owning the most popular instant messaging program on the internet called Yahoo Messenger and no other programs of the same type can be their competitors in this entertainment field so far even Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk….

The decision to get two old versions 5.5 and 5.6 retired after April 1 is the right decision as a cost-effective strategy that help Yahoo save their human resource and have more time to promote for their Yahoo Messenger 8.0 (info | download) and Yahoo Messenger 9.0 BETA (info | download).

As Yahoo! Messenger gets older (we’re up to version 9.0 now!), so too do some of the “vintage” versions that are still in use by a few people. In an effort to provide the best experience for our users and maintain high security standards, we will officially retire Yahoo! Messenger 5.5 and 5.6 on April 2, 2008. This means that if you are currently using one of those versions, you will no longer be able to sign in and use it after April 1.

What do other experts and bloggers think about this announcement?

According to Colin, it is a sad news and disaster:

This is a disaster for people who just want to chat to their buddies.

Version 5x are the best of the bunch imho.

It offers a TRUE messenger service by being a chat client only and not being full of the bloated and so called ‘advanced’ features of 8x which has turned into an entertainment centre and merely offers a chat feature.

If you’re going to retire 5x why can’t 8x be offered with an installer that gives someone the chance to pick the features they want to use?

I certainly don’t want sms, cheap calls, games, music and all the rest of it…I just want to chat with my friends which is what YM USED to be all about.

This is sad news indeed.

By Colin

Shalom expressed her dislike to two new versions as it supports advertisement at the end of the widget.

I dont like yahoo 8.01 and 9.0

because it’s full of advertsiment and it’s slow and all avtars and and all other features is getting boring…

The last interesting idea come from Dermot related to security that all Yahoo Messenger versions could not ensure its users.

Yahoo! Messenger 6,7,8,and 9 offer no security for users whatsoever in the form of online attacks via your own packet system.

As for tightening up your captcha image to be less readable is a joke as they can still be read at a reasonable success rate by automated captcha readers using edge detection and other forms of captcha processing still and the porn bots are still very active in the chatrooms.

You have to give users something to look forward to in updating to the new versions and in yahoo messenger 9 beta i see no reason why someone would want to update from earlier builds for a few more smileys and a sharpened i-face.

I hope the summary of this discussion can help you better understand and decide whether you will stay with Yahoo Messenger or choosing other programs instead.


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