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New Blogger Video Help Central launched

Posted on: Tháng Ba 13, 2008

Another good news from Google together with DoubleClick acquisition, Performics SEO service and Google Ad Manager is the launch of Blogger Help YouTube Channel. This channel is useful for all bloggers who are not having enough time to scanning all related and help articles. Now it is on videos posted on YouTube then you can easily watch them and follow the guidelines.

For all you visual learners who want to add features to your blog, but don’t have the patience to browse our help articles, we’ve created the new Blogger Help YouTube Channel. There you can find videos that show you step by step how to use Blogger features.

There are only a few videos at the moment, and we’ve decided to start with the basics:

In the coming months we’ll be adding more videos. If you have a suggestion for a video you’d like to see, let us know by posting in our Help Group. In addition, you can give us feedback on each video’s comment form. We’re always trying to find new and better ways to help you use Blogger and we appreciate the feedback – thanks!

I like this idea as I do not need to surf around to find relevant articles of my concerns, now I can listen and sleep too 🙂


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