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How do you know when is your blog is down, under maintenance or unavailable?

Posted on: Tháng Ba 13, 2008

I hate seeing my blog down or unavailable especially when a lot of people are reading it and leaving their comments. This can also lead to loss of your blog’s potential readers and clients as they do not want to a blank screen without any prior notice from you.

How do you know the schedule of the blogspot/blogger maintenance and status of blog server and inform your readers about this issue to avoid confusion. I am sure that no providers even Google can guarantee that their service is always online of 100% especially the number of registered users reach curtain quantity that their servers can not handle, or maybe they are planning to backup their system and maintenance. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to subscribe to blogspot/blogger server status Feed or regularly visit their Blogger status page to see when the maintenance will be and how long will it take to keep your readers informed.

Normally, blogger maintenance schedule will be short and posted on blogger status blog as early as possible, so you can know about this. You can easily create a 404 page to keep your blog alive to your readers. Additionally, all known issues are quickly fixed by Google experts. No worries, your blogs are taken care!

Good luck!


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