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Google selling SEO services through DoubleClick

Posted on: Tháng Ba 13, 2008

As I mentioned in the last post about “Finally, Google completed acquisition of DoubleClick“, the main reason for this combination is to deliver a high quality SEO services to internet community. This service has been initiated by many business companies and they have earned a lot of money from this. But, Google seems to skip this area of business. However, the acquisition of DoubleClick is a signal that Google has been planning for new strategies in the hope that they can increase revenue from this integration.

The first action is to join SEO service delivery through DoubleClick’s Performics, one of Google’s property. This news was grabbed from TechCrunh and The Wall Street Journal.

Google Inc. plans to announce a new service that Web publishers can use to manage their online ad sales and serve up ads each time a consumer pulls up a Web page.

The offering is an early sign of Google’s plans to broaden its ad offerings following the completion of its $3.1 billion DoubleClick Inc. acquisition this week.

The new Ad Manager service, which a limited number of Web sites are testing, will provide the ad serving free, where companies such as DoubleClick have traditionally charged Web publishers to serve up their ads. Even when they sell their own ads, publishers usually rely on such ad-serving companies to actually insert the ads in a Web page when a consumer pulls it up.

This new ads service is the good way to promote your blogs and get high ranking. I am sure that your PageRank will be increasing very quick as it is owned by Google.

Our experts methodically optimize copy and content for each page to boost page rankings…

Addresses external ranking factors and new business opportunities

What is the future of other companies which are also providing the same service if Google plan to punish them?

This question must be discussed among our blogger communities and many of us will move to use Performics’s SEO services rather than other services of the same type.


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