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My first article is featured on – More traffic to come

Posted on: Tháng Ba 12, 2008

I am very happy to share with you all that one of two articles that I have just submitted to has already approved and now online for public. The article is focused on 5 recommended free traffic exchange programs that you should use to promote your blogs to the world. is a matching service — bringing real-world experts and ezine publishers together.

Expert Authors & Writers are able to post their articles to be featured within the site. Our searchable database of hundreds of thousands of quality original articles allows email newsletter publishers hungry for fresh content to find articles that they can use for inclusion within their next newsletter (up to 25 articles per year per our Publisher TOS)

What benefits that you can earn from posting your articles here?

15 Benefits that you can easily identify if your articles are approved and online to public as

  1. Boosts Your Personal and Business Credibility
  2. Builds Brand Equity & The Brand Called You
  3. Surges in Traffic to Your Website Like No Other Site Can Deliver
  4. Massive Exposure To The Hundreds of Thousands of Unique Visitors That Come To Daily
  5. Receive Quality and Relevant Leads to Your Website
  6. 7-10 Times More Effective Than Regular Advertising
  7. You’ve Got A Head-Start on The Reciprocation & Trust Cycle
  8. Market Your Business With No Face-To-Face Selling
  9. You May Receive Free Ads in Targeted Ezines
  10. To Be Recognized as an Expert Author
  11. Editorial Integrity – Your Articles Share Expert Company
  12. Improve Your Sales: (even if you’re only selling an “idea”)
  13. Optimize The Promotional Mileage Out of Your Existing Article Archive
  14. Find Customers That You May Have Not Been Able To Reach Before
  15. Get Continual Traffic To Your Website For Many Years To Follow For Free

This is a FREE service and your submitted articles will be reviewed within 24-72 business hours and less than 48 hours for Platinum members. How long your articles are kept at It is 180 days and sometimes more than that and I am sure your blog traffic will be exploded if your articles are in good quality.

Why the is unique and exclusive from other service of the same type?

You can only submit original contents that you wrote, not copied ones as there will be a group of professional experts to review one by one article before it is published online. So, this is not a place for copiers.

According to the guidelines, your articles must meet the following many requirements and criteria as stated in their editorial guidelines, otherwise, your articles will be rejected.

You can view my first approved article on the Ezine Articles for example. It has brought many traffic to my blog even it has just been online for several hours ago. It is great success!

Another good news to come in the near future that Affiliate program will become available soon, you can sign up to receive updates once it is launched.


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