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Can you get your posts indexed by Google in 2 minutes?

Posted on: Tháng Ba 12, 2008

I am really surprised to read the article about “Indexed by Google in 2 Minutes!” posted on the Quick Online Tips blog. It is very hard for even a high PR and Alexa blogs to quickly get their posts indexed by Google. My blog had to take nearly a week to crawled and displayed in Google search results even I tried many tips and techniques recommended by Google in the Webmaster tool.

Actually, I could not believe this until I saw his evidence about this:

Is it a good way to get a backlink from high PR that will help posts quickly indexed in the Google search results? How can we do that? It is a big question but on the side of PageRank calculation, backlinks are the key to determine the ranking of a blog/website. Therefore, the only way to build up a good blog is to draw more high PR backlinks to your blog.

Getting a backlink from a high PR site is a SEO tip often suggested to webmasters for getting a new site indexed by Google within a day. Check how fast Google is indexing your site by pasting the latest article permalink url in Google search. Are you getting Google indexed in minutes?

Thanks Quick Online Tips for sharing this.


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