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Turn your blog EMPTY & FREE spaces into CA$H

Posted on: Tháng Ba 11, 2008

I was invited by David who is the founder of a brand new advertising network – EmptySpaceAds which is owned by KeenScreen Inc. to join and I am very happy with this program as it brings me a lot of features that I can do for my blog.

It is not a PAID review for this network but I think my responsibility is to share what is the best option for my readers and beloved bloggers who regularly visit my blog. The EmptySpaceAds is different from other advertising network as they allow publishers to use their FREE and EMPTY space in their blogs along the sidebar to display ads. This idea is absolutely innovative and creative as no one has ever thought of this.

What they can offer you:

1. Create your own text, image, html ads with your own html code, your selected text and images as you have created in your Google AdWords campaigns or any other advertising networks.

These text and images or html code can be changed anytime you like and update it just by one-click.

2. Ads created by you are flexible based on your selection, whether it will be appear along the sidebar or following your mouse move as followed:

Follow Mouse – ad follows mouse around page
Fixed Position – ad appears near mouse position, and stays there
Snap To Margins – ad ‘snaps’ to the closest margin

I strongly recommend you all to select the last one to avoid confusion and annoyance for your readers as I have been complained from my readers about Kontera In-text and AdBrite in-line ads. Further, you can set the detection automatic or manually as following guidelines:

Automatic – we detect your website’s emptyspace automatically
Let Me Specify – ad appears only over HTML elements with a class attribute of “ESAemptyspace” (you’ll need to update your HTML to use this option)

3. You can add your ShoopingAds code to the network ads option. You can create a ShoppingAds account and generate your ads code and put in the network ads code. The ads will be automatically display where you have specified before. You make money from this too.

4. The last but not least, the EmptySpaceAds allows you to set percentage of your created ads and networks ads to be displayed in your blog. If you set 100% of your created ads and 0% of the network ads, the network ads (ShoppingAds) will never display, only your own ads. You can edit this anytime too. I myself set 75% of my own ads and the rest of 25% for ShoppingAds to balance the blog revenue.

What is still limited to EmptySpaceAds:

As this is a brand new Advertising network, then they are still developing more features and hope it will come soon. You can only add ShoppingAds code for the network ads this time, no more. I think the EmptySpaceAds should add other CPC, CPM or CPA programs like Chitika, Amazon or Commission Junction in the near future.

What do you need to do is to add your blogs, create your ads and insert a small code to your blog, right before the tag . That is all and see how your ads are running.

You can also see ads displaying on my blog here for good examples.

Happy EmptySpaceAds and Good luck to you all!


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